Why Recycle?

Recycling helps protect the environment by reducing the need for extracting natural resources, refining and processing raw materials; which substantially pollute the land, air and water around us. As recycling saves energy it also reduces chemical and greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to tackle climate change.

Why Recycle

Palestine is facing the problem of solid waste for several reasons: the lack of materials and resources needed for solid waste management, minimal technical expertise, increasing number of population, and years of Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territory.

According to the PCBS census, approximately 1.28 million tons of solid waste was generated in 2015. Hazardous materials are to some extent present in all of these wastes, and are a significant component of industrial and hospital waste. There is virtually no separation of hazardous waste in Palestine, except for some limited treatment of infectious waste. In fact, hazardous waste is mixed with municipal solid waste during both the collection and disposal phases. There are hundreds of random dumping sites in the West Bank located near residential areas and unfortunately use the burning of solid waste as the main method for waste disposal.

Company History


Ommar El Ard began organizing neighborhood cleanup projects with Al-Bireh & Ramallah Municipalities raising Environmental Awareness. In Cooperation with the Ministry of Education, environmental workshops were performed in schools as well fix up playground projects.


Complete Paper Recycling Service was launched offering Paper Document Shredding as well as Regular Paper Recycling services.


Pilot Electronics and I.T. Equipment Recycling Service started.


Cans & Bottles pilot program was offered to select organizations.


Full Service Recycling options available.

Change starts with each one of us.

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