Social Responsibility

Ommar El Ard Recycling is a social business offering solutions to environmental issues that harm our quality of life. By offering these recycling solutions we succeed in cleaning up the environment, saving natural resources and creating jobs. We also work to raise awareness and change improper behavior towards the environment through our non-profit organization Revivers of the Land of Palestine. 
Hundreds of environmental workshops and projects have been arranged in cooperation with different partners encouraging citizens to protect our environment and be part of the change towards a clean and green Palestine. It is our firm belief that each and every individual is responsible to protect our planet from the waste that we produce.

Our Objectives

  1. To develop the love and respect of our country that is illustrated through the cleanliness and beauty of our country.
  2. To encourage residents to participate in neighborhood cleanups that will eradicate trash from their neighborhoods.
  3. To develop different programs for schools, businesses and organizations to raise awareness about environmental protection.
  4. To bring up a new generation that will have the culture of recycling “built” in them.
  5. To reduce the waste that is sent to our landfills by the collection of recyclable materials.
  6. To encourage the creation of new jobs in the recycling industry.