Our Projects

Our Projects

Ommar El Ard carries out its activities in all areas of the West Bank, targeting the following categories:

•Educational institutions (universities, colleges, schools).
•Governmental and private companies and institutions.
•Community institutions (women, children, people with special needs)

Current Programs:

  • "My Environment is a Reflection of my Behavior":

The program aims to increase the awareness of individuals about the importance of preserving the environment and practicing the 3Rs of Sustainability Reduce (Waste Production), Reuse, and Recycle. Raising awareness and teaching behavior through workshops and environmental activities that encourage the individual to participate in environmental conservation and protection.

  • Environmental Leadership Program

This program targets companies and institutions that are interested in being environmentally friendly and play their role and take responsibility towards the community by minimizing waste. An environmental management system is developed for participants according to International Standards such as ISO 14001:2015.

Program activities:

1 - Green Tours:

Environmental workshops that discuss the 3Rs and various environmental practices and the importance of reducing the production of waste and recycling. In a fun and easy way the presentation uses videos on the separation and recycling of waste, and guidelines for local recycling programs.

2- “ Reuse it Correctly “:

Environmental workshops that teach techniques of reusing waste produced from our daily lives; raising awareness of the importance and role of reuse in preserving the environment.

3- Green Fingerprints:

Through wall paintings with environmental themes and the creation of green spaces we can raise environmental awareness and enjoy the benefits of a clean environment.

4- My Office is my Responsible:

Under the Environmental Leadership Program, companies and institutions receive environmental guidance and practical applications at their place of work to contribute to the preservation of the environment.